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Help With Insurance Claims

It is best to get help with your insurance claim BEFORE you contact your insurer. The information you initially provide them about your claim may have a significant bearing on how your insurer views your claim and can lead to problems or issues with getting a full settlement later on. Getting your initial contact with your insurer right is very important, and  Chaparral Consult  will provide the necessary assistance and advice with your insurance claim to ensure this is handled correctly.

When you make your insurance claim you will be visited by your insurer's loss adjuster who's job it is to evaluate the scope and cost of repairing the damage or reinstating the loss incurred. This loss adjuster is employed by the insurance company and, after visiting you, will look at the fine print of your policy with the view to minimising the amount of the claim settlement, whereas Chaparral Consult acting on your behalf, will ensure that the full scope of your entitlement is addressed and that any problems or issues with your insurance claim are swiftly dealt with in the optimum way.

Many property related insurance claims require the involvement and coordination of other expert services such as surveyors, contractors and lawyers , all of which can be a complex and time consuming task, often compounding an already difficult and stressful time. Our claims management service will handle all aspects of your insurance claim and provide a single point of contact for everything from the initial "crisis management" to the completion and "signing off" of all related reinstatement work.

To avoid problems or issues with your insurance claim and to make sure you get the full entitlement from your insurance policy and effective resolution of your claim without difficulties or delays, appoint Chaparral Consult to handle your claim on your behalf. Contact us now to remove the stress and confusion and ensure the best possible outcome of your claim. And remember, we operate a "no win, no fee" service.

What happens when you make a claim?

Following a new claim to your insurer they will appoint a Loss Adjuster to act on their behalf. The Loss Adjuster though , has the main role of minimising  the cost to the insurers, under the strict terms of the policy. He will not cost you any money as his fees are paid by the insurers. However the role of a Loss Adjuster does not involve the preparation and detailed presentation of the claim, only the adjustment. The Loss Adjuster  may be  a member  of  the Insurer's own  staff or be  an  independent company. However always   remember   that even if the Loss Adjuster  is independent he  will probably not be impartial.

What do Loss Assessors do?

A Loss Assessor (not to be confused with the Loss Adjuster) represents the policy holder when they need to make an insurance claim. We handle all aspects of the claims process for you, meeting with the insurer's representatives, the Loss Adjuster or any other professional appointed by them, preparing your claim and negotiating the best possible settlement for you.  Chaparral Consult will be with you every step of the way, enabling you to carry on with your own life and business in the knowledge that your claim is in the hands of a caring professional.

Call us as soon as you need to make a claim

Whilst we may be instructed when a claimant is having difficulties with insurers, it is nevertheless more prudent to engage our services at the beginning of the claim process. Insurance companies record all their phone calls and something said, for example whilst the policy holder is in a state of shock at the beginning of a claim, may have serious implications for the ultimate outcome of the claim

Loss Adjusters also appreciate our involvement

It must be stated that there are many claims when Loss Adjusters are more than grateful that the claimant has employed the services of a professional and competent Loss Assessor. It undoubtedly makes their life a lot easier when they are presented with, for example, a detailed and well presented list of stolen items following a burglary, or a concise inventory together with supporting documentation following a flood or a fire in a factory. It is in cases like this that the Loss Assessor and Loss Adjuster work hand in hand to the ultimate benefit of the claimant. We will never give up on trying to obtain a fair settlement for our clients.

Business Owners

Following any sort of peril your main concerns will be: 


  • to minimise the disruption 

  • to get back to normal production, sales or other activity 

  • to have the claim settled in the best interest of you business. 

'We liaise closely with your  

accountant, lawyer or other  

party to present your  

losses competently to  the insurer.


We will also:

  •  arrange alternative accommodation as necessary 

  • organise any specialist restoration works and emergency repairs 

  • put together your insurance claim 

  • act on your behalf with the insurance company 

  • appoint professionals on your behalf to support your claim 

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